Kart54 is the only option in transportation

Kart54 is the only option in transportation: Head of Transportation Department Fatih Pistil announced that as of Monday, May 1 will completely eliminate the use of cash in public transport. Pistil said, “30 We expect our citizens to have Kart54 until April Sunday. 1 As of May Monday, the only valid fare in public transport will be Kart54. ”

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out another study that will bring a standard to public transportation. In this context, the use of cash is abolished, and the Kart54 application, which provides great convenience, is being introduced as the only option in public transport. 1 May Monday as the transfer of cash use will be transferred to the Head of Transportation Department Fatih Pistil, all citizens expect to have sensitivity to have Kart54 said.

Ease of access Card54
Pistil said, “As it is known, we have recently stated that the use of cash will be removed in Private Public Buses and Municipal Buses and that boarding will take place with Kart54. As of Monday, May 1, we are removing cash. In this regard, we expect sensitivity for our citizens to have Kart54 in the remaining time. We will have a driver card application for a short time. We have personalized points in Orta Garaj, Yenicamii and Campus. Cards are sold and filled in 201 dealers throughout the city. In addition, our 5 automatic filling centers serve our citizens. http://www.kart54.net The website contains all detailed information. ”

Be good
“Our new application provides many advantages for both tradesmen and citizens. In addition to ease of payment, it provides us with ease such as wage balance and data collection analysis. In this context, as of September, we have integrated all of our Private Public Buses into the Kart54 system. I hope we are now removing the use of cash. Good luck. ”



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