Cancel Some Subway Flights in New York

Some Subway Expeditions in New York: A week before the official start of spring, New Yorkers are preparing for the storm expected to bring the most snow in winter.

According to the meteorological reports, about 40 cm is expected and will be the most affected areas in Manhattan and Bronx.

Mayor Bill de Blaşio announced that the schools in New York will be closed on Tuesday. The garbage collection will be stopped for the next two days and the 750 snow plow and salting tool will run to prevent the roads from closing.

Metro only underground, overground train and bus services, airports at least 4 thousand flights were canceled.

New Yorkers rushed to supermarkets in preparation for a snowstorm. New Yorkers lined up to enter the Trader Joe's supermarket in Brooklyn and stocked their homes before the two-day blizzard. Most of the supermarket's normally packed shelves were empty.

Hasan For two days our sales have increased, ın according to the Moroccan fruit seller Hasan, and New Yorkers are art exaggerating lı buying food. “

The father, who earns his living by selling handcrafted jewelry in front of the Trader Joe supermarket in the center of Brooklyn, said the supermarket, which normally enters in long queues on weekends, is inin more full than usual Baba for a Monday.

There was a lot of interest in supermarkets in other parts of Brooklyn. Key Foods, the largest supermarket in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood, has been re-preparing the shelves that were vacated in the morning for the expected work of the evening. Martha (not given her last name) said she thought the storm would not be ”as bad as they expected Mart. Şey I think we won't have any problems because they take early measures, I come to do my shopping today as every Monday, I don't need to buy anything more than normal, az Ms. Martha said, adding that she could find everything in the supermarket.

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