Ankara Subway Did Not Work Yesterday

ankara metro lines and stations
ankara metro lines and stations

Ankara subway did not work yesterday: Ankara subway only served in the direction of Kızılay Ulus due to the work of Keçiören metro. The Keçiören Metro study was a nightmare for those who went to work on Sunday. Those who get off from the metro, which serves from Kızılay to Ulus, can make a ring from Ulus and go in the direction of Batıkent-Ostim and Demetevler. Ankara metro will run in the direction of Kızılay-Ulus today. Newcomers to the Ankara subway encountered a nasty surprise today. Ankara Metro Kecioren will be serving only in the direction of Kızılay Ulus due to the metro work.

People who will go to work with the Ankara metro or return home to work or go to the right place to be trained in half an hour is recommended to leave home or work.

Ankara metro is the rail transportation network of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate, which provides public transportation services in Ankara. The current rail transportation network consists of two parts: the "Light rail system", which was put into operation in 1996 under the name of Ankaray, and the heavy rail system, which started operating in 1997 under the name of Ankara Metro. Currently, there are 22 stations in total, including the transfer station (Red Crescent) between the two systems. Ankaray 8,527 m. and Ankara Metro 14,661 m. length and this two-rail transportation system is 23,188 m. long.
3 new lines are under construction and 1 line is in the planning phase of Ankara metro.

Pricing and tickets

Ankaray and Metro tickets can also be used on EGO buses.
Single Passage Fee: No single ticket is available for Ankara Metro, Ankaray and EGO buses. Cash is not accepted on buses or subway stations.

Transfer: 5 75 transfer fee is charged for other boarding passes within 59 minutes when Full tickets with full or more right of use are received. There is no transfer fee for discounted tickets. Multi-pass magnetic cards have been enabled to transfer up to 75 times in 2 minutes (3 means in total).

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