Railway repair vehicle overturned in Adana 3 dead

3 dead in Adana railway repair vehicle overturned: The unimog brake on the railway near the Varda bridge in Karaisali district of Adana derailed after derailing. 1 TCDD employee and 2 subcontractor workers lost their lives in the accident.

Unimog working on the railroad derailed near the Varda Bridge in Adana's Karaisalı District. 3 people died as a result of the accident.

According to information obtained today, the accident occurred in the 17: 30 ranks.


Brake exploded near the Hacıkırı station of the construction machine, which was on the move to complete and repair the railway electrification.

Measures were taken on the route when three workers in the vehicle reported the situation. While closing the level crossings on the route, a freight train from the opposite direction was stopped and maneuvered back.

The vehicle, which exploded the brake, derailed in Bucak Mahallesi after moving about 9 kilometers in this way. While a wagon was derailed with the vehicle, the other wagon, which remained uncontrolled, stopped after continuing for a while.

KazanAfter the environmental security was taken, railway officials started an investigation. The bodies of the workers who lost their lives in the accident were taken to Karaisalı State Hospital.


Those who lost their lives in the accident were the trainers Erdal Acar, the subcontractor company workers Sedat Aktaş and Semih Tezcan.

TCDD Adana 6. Regional Directorate officials went to the scene of the accident.

Development Minister Lütfi Elvan visited the scene and expressed his condolences to the relatives of the railway workers who lost their lives.


Adana Governor Mahmut Demirtaş said in a statement that the vehicle performing the rail repair in Bucak District had an accident.

KazanDemirtaş said that it was estimated that the vehicle was caused by a malfunction in the brake system and said, “According to the first information, 3 railway employees lost their lives. In addition, firefighters and rescue teams from Adana and Karaisalı were also directed to the region.” used the phrase.

An investigation into the accident was initiated.

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