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Get on the train who is afraid of the plane: It was announced that an important statement will be made on 8 November regarding the Hyperloop, which is claimed to go faster than the plane.

An important announcement will be made on November 8 regarding the Hyperloop, which is launched as the train that goes faster than the plane and is promised to reduce intercity transportation to the level of minutes. Developed on the idea of ​​Ekon Musk, Hplerloop's first major test was made in the deserts of Arabia.

Today, while the developments in electric and non-driver cars give the signals of a new era of transportation, it is difficult to say that the air and road transportation in the basic sense has dramatically improved. The development of technologies used in civil aviation is progressing very slowly compared to other areas. Even more concrete developments in the land transportation, the rapid security problems can not be overcome.

Fast trains are the safest and practical solution in this sense. In particular, Asia and the Far East countries have begun to invest more in high-speed trains that shorten inter-city distances and work for countries, or even high-speed trains. It is known that China made agreements with countries on the line for the high speed train project from Beijing to London. The fastest form of public transportation in the coming years will probably be on the ground, not in the sky as expected for a long time

As an important development in this sense, Hyperloop draws attention with its radical promises. It has been announced that some important developments about Hyperloop One, the first version of the new generation high-speed train, will be announced on 8 November. The company, which has set up a giant test platform in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates, will probably make statements about the speed achieved. In the published video, it seems that the train has reached a speed of over 1000 kilometers per hour. The speed capacities of today's passenger planes are 800-900 km per hour. Of course, compared to airplanes, the Hyperloop takes a lot of time with the practice of stopping a train and picking up and dropping passengers. kazanwill yell.
What is Hyperloop technology?

The Hyperloop propulsion technology developed by Hyperloop Technologies, a Los Angeles-based company for intercity transportation, can be a super-fast way of transportation for the near future. Initially, the Hyperloop technology, designed and supported by the genius boss Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX, can lead to a drastic change in today's transportation industry if it succeeds.

This propulsion technology, which does not utilize traditional fossil energy, is carried out roughly through low pressure tubes. The capsules under pressure, which carry the passenger and load, are pushed by linear induction motors and air compressors and reach high speeds on an airbag.
Change cities and lifestyle

If it is developed and implemented, Hyperloop technology can change the human lifestyle. If implemented in Turkey from Istanbul-Ankara-minute 15 will fall into a transport time. Considering the speed capacity and practical use, people will be able to regulate their lives thanks to the possibility of going fast and reliably over long distances with Hyperloop capsules. It will be possible to live and work in different cities. The ability to travel over long distances easily and quickly can be expected to strengthen people and inter-communal communication.

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