Repairing Tram Line Damaged by Truck in Samsun

Tramline Damaged by the Truck in Samsunda Repaired: While the truck driver who caused great damage by diving into the tram line with his truck in Samsun was caught, SAMULAŞ mobilized its teams to repair the line.
Yesterday evening at around 21.00:XNUMX, the truck entered the Cumhuriyet Station level crossing in the Tekkeköy region of the Light Rail System, and with its open damper, it damaged the electric poles and other technical parts. For this reason, trips to Tekkeköy were suspended until Monday. SAMULAŞ Board Member and General Manager, Kadir Gürkan, Samsun residents said, “The trams will run between OMÜ and Belediyeevleri until Monday morning. "Plan your transportation accordingly," he warned.

SAMULAŞ management, the team mobilized since last night and this morning from the line to repair the work continued. Kadir Gurkan, in a press release on this issue, gave the following information:

“In the design of the new Gar-Tekkeköy additional line, clearance posts were built at the level crossings in order to prevent the damage of bulky and high gauge vehicles to the power line, especially at level crossings. However, due to the accident that occurred yesterday evening, the heavy-vehicle vehicle approached its level with the dumper openly, hitting and knocked over the gauge box, it entered the level without slowing down and broke off the energy wires, so our light rail system stopped operating. After the investigation and investigation made by the police officers at the scene, maintenance and repair work was started immediately by the technical teams, it is aimed to complete the maintenance and repair of the line as soon as possible on the basis of 3 shifts and 24 hours, and it is aimed to be put into operation between Gar-Tekkeköy as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the driver of the vehicle using the heavy vehicle was caught and detained on the information received from the Police Department. It was learned that the judicial proceedings regarding the truck driver, who learned that he pulled pulp from Yeşiyyurt Port to a warehouse with his truck, continues. - Samsun News



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