3 Meters Left to Unite of Continents on the 9rd Bridge

  1. 9 Meters Left to Unification of Continents in the Bridge: A great progress was made in the process of placing a steel deck in the 3rd Bridge Project, 238 meters progress was made. Only 9 meters, that is, the last steel deck, left the confluence of the Asian and European sides.
    The steel deck assembly process on the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, implemented by ICA, has come to an end. Assembly and welding of 923 of the 59 steel decks, the heaviest of which was 58 tons, have been completed. With only 9 meters left for Europe and Asia to meet once again, the two continents will reunite with the placement of the last deck.
  2. Bridge Steel Deck Supervisor said that in the last month, 1 steel decks were replaced and a record-breaking progress was made, saying, “Previously, cranes called“ Derrick Crane ”were used in the steel deck assembly process. Now, a different crane called "Lifting Gantry" has been used. With this method, a steel deck was placed in Asia and Europe simultaneously in an average of 10 days. Therefore, progress was made on the bridge in a short time like 5 month. 1 steel decks were placed. 10 meters progress was achieved. Now only the replacement of the last steel deck is left. With it, we will now have the opportunity to cross the 238rd Bridge.
    We plan to replace the last steel deck within the next week. " said.
  3. The 3rd Bridge Deck officer, who said that the bridge will have different features in many ways, said, “With the installation of the last deck, the longest suspension bridge in the world with a main span of 1408 meters will have been formed. In order to carry the additional loads brought by the rail system, in addition to the conventional hanging ropes, we also used inclined suspension cables. Therefore, from this point of view, it will be the longest suspension bridge in the world with both suspension and inclined suspension. In addition, the 3rd Bridge will be the suspension bridge with the longest tower in the world with 322 meters. This bridge will also have the title of the widest suspension bridge in the world, with a width of up to 60 meters. he spoke.

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