Snow in Erciyes Ski Center made faces laugh

Erciyes Ski Center was laughing in the face of snow: Along with the cooling of the air of Mount Erciyes in Turkey's major ski tourism began to snow.

With the cold weather, which is Turkey's major ski tourism in the region began in the snows of Mount Erciyes. Stating that the season opens early and closes late with the systems developed in Erciyes Mountain, Erciyes A. Ş. Chairman Murat Cahid Cıngı, "we will be happy to welcome our guests from all over Turkey and the world."

With the arrival of winter months, snowfall continues on Mount Erciyes, which is one of the important places of winter tourism and one of the longest ski slopes. Stating that they completed the preparations during the summer, Erciyes A. Ş. Murat Cahid Cıngı, Chairman of the Board of Directors, wished that the good rain would be a sign that the season would be fruitful. When the air temperature of minus 4 found in Turkey, emphasizing that they have the most extensive snow making system Cıngı, "Thank goodness we open the 2016-2017 winter season to be seen. We Erciyes A. Ş. As Erciyes Mountain, we started our works to repair all our facilities, tracks, snow crushing system and snow generating system throughout the summer and make them ready for the winter season. As of the end of October, it started snowing. I hope the beautiful rainfall will be considered as a sign that the next season will be profuse and fertile. We hope that we will try to open the season early with snowfall in November. In fact, for Mount Erciyes, it is more important for the temperature values ​​to drop to minus 4 than snowfall. Because when it fell to minus 4, we are able to produce profit as a result of our mountain slopes with Turkey's most extensive snow making system. Subsequently, it gains a long-term structure as reinforcement with the rainfall in December. This is one of the important factors that make the season start early and end late on Mount Erciyes ”.

New services will be offered in Erciyes this season

Emphasizing that they are preparing a special training area at Hisarcık Kapı for those who are new to skiing, Erciyes A. Ş. Murat Cahid Cıngı, Chairman of the Board of Directors, underlined that they provide an alternative to the ongoing education activities in the Tekir region. Cıngı, adding that there is no opportunity for skiers to enter these tracks, continued as follows:

“We prepared a training track for beginners on Mount Erciyes. We have created a special training area where only those who will receive training, beginners can ski, learn skiing, and where skilled skiers cannot enter. We created our ropeway and special tracks for beginners. Hopefully going to be more structured in that area in the coming years we aim to create ski training centers throughout Turkey. This place will undertake a function with Hisarcık Kapı as an important alternative to the training activities that were previously ongoing in Tekir. Ski training is very important for us. We manage a very large ski center established by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality with an investment of more than 200 million lira. Therefore, we attach great importance that our people from the age of 4-5 benefit from this beauty created by their own municipality in order to ensure that our people benefit from this ski center as much as possible. "

"All of Turkey and we will be delighted to welcome our guests from the world"

According to the tourism of winter and summer tourism takes place less importance on Cıngı stated that in Turkey, and told the world that people should benefit from the Erciyes Mountain, the beauty of Turkey. Cıngı, "not only from all of our citizens in Kayseri, Turkey, ski lovers, the emphasis of foreign tourists and winter tourism We expect them to benefit from these mountains. Of course, winter tourism coating place until the summer holidays in Turkey, an important branch of tourism attributed to smoking. However, especially in Europe, all citizens go on vacation both in summer and winter and benefit from the beautiful facilities in their countries. We would also strive for the formation of this culture in Turkey. We wish winter tourism to be on the agenda as a tourism discipline. The gap between summer tourism and winter tourism is huge in our country. However, Erciyes, 70 percent of our country covered with mountains, is one of the most important of them. Firstly, it is a ski center that was created in a planned and programmed manner. Those who will ski here come and ski on 34 tracks with a length of 105 kilometers. Those who do not benefit from the fascinating beauty of our mountain in hotels and recreational facilities. I hope we are going to spend a nice season for him, as pointed out in the first snowfall of the season and also throughout the whole of Turkey and we would like to express once again we will be happy to welcome our guests from around the world, "he said.

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