Sivas will meet at the end of 2018

Sivas will reach the high-speed train at the end of 2018: Governor Gül, ın The high-speed train waiting for the people of Sivas will hopefully come to our province at the end of 2018 Sivas
Davut Gül, Governor of Sivas, said: N The high-speed train waiting for the people of Sivas will come to our province at the end of 2018. Sivas
Gul, Ankara-Sivas High-Speed ​​Train Construction, the star of the town of Yıldızeli Kölüce the village found the site. Working with the workers on the construction site, Gül followed the presentation of the company representative on the project.
Gul also visited the construction of the tunnel, said in a statement to the press, Ankara-Sivas High-Speed ​​Train construction work continued at full speed, he said.
Rose, a very qualified work is carried out, a very large project was done, stating, “from Ankara to Sivas in the infrastructure work 8 different contractors and different jobs 8. Two of them are within the borders of Sivas province. These will end in 2017. When the superstructures are finished, the 2018 will begin to operate High Speed ​​Train towards the end. Sivaslilerinin waiting for the high-speed train, hopefully by the end of the year 2018 will be our province. Edi He said.
Governor Gül said, ise The longest tunnel on this route is 5, and the longest viaduct is on the 2 kilometer. There are tunnels on the 60 kilometer. When the new gar building is built, Sivas will have a very significant value. It is not a project that can be bestowed with each. Her
Gul said that the firms that are competent in the project did their jobs without interruption, and that they would provide the necessary contribution in terms of training them as the Governorate.

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