Afghanistan connects to Europe with railway line

afghanistan connects Europe with railway line
afghanistan connects Europe with railway line

The railway line, starting from Andhoy district of Faryab province in the north of the country, is expected to contribute significantly to the economic development of Afghanistan.

Faryab Governor Said Anwar Sadat stated that with this project, they aim to participate in the international and regional economy of Afghanistan and said ve Thus, both our domestic market will rise and our economy will develop.

Sadat stressed that the railway line would be a symbol of friendship, mutual trust and brotherhood among countries and would provide employment for hundreds of people.

The businessman Haji Mustafa Kul, the opening of the railroad, both exports and imports would be easier, before the railroad under the difficult conditions and high malihyet under the conditions of goods sent to European countries, but through this rail, both in a short time and cheaper to send their goods to the countries, he said.

Afghanistan, which does not have access to the sea, currently has only one railway network passing through Uzbekistan.

Importing most products, Afghanistan exports hand-woven carpets, fresh fruits and textiles.

Turkmenistan's Atamurad and Afghanistan's Akina station were constructed by the 88 kilometer railway, Turkmenistan.

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