Democracy Campaign from Sincan Station

Expedition of Democracy from Sincan Station: On the night of July 15, thousands of people gathered in Lale Square, on the orders of President Erdogan, 'Go out the street'. Their goal was to reach critical points where conflicts were intense and to protect democracy. However, the trapped traffic imprisoned brave hearts to Sincan.
Meanwhile, TCDD General Manager Apaydın, who called Sincan Mayor Tuna, said, "My president is running the suburbs from the high-speed train line." Six suburban trains, whose lights were turned out against the F-16 attack, carried 6 thousand Sincanlıs, some of them martyrs, some of them veterans, to the Red Crescent and Kulliye.
On the night of 15th of July betrayal, thousands of Sincan residents who came to Lale Square with Turkish flags upon the call of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 'Go out the street', in front of the Presidential Complex, Kızılay Square, Ankara Police and the General Staff, where clashes took place. wanted to go. However, due to the traffic jams experienced in both Etimesgut and Çiftlik Junction, citizens had difficulty in reaching these points. At this moment, Sincan Mayor Assoc. Dr. General Manager of TCDD calling Mustafa Tuna İsa ApaydınStated that they could run the suburbs whose flights were stopped due to the construction of Başkentray project.
After Apaydın brought the suburbs to Sincan Station, the vehicles of Sincan Municipality and AK Party Sincan District Directorate, who made announcements in the district, directed the citizens to the garage. Welcoming the suburbs, who made their first flight at 00.30 at night, with applause, 10 thousand Sincan people were sent to the regions where the conflicts were intense. Called to work from their homes, the mechanists turned off the lights of the suburbs in the dark of the night, in response to the possibility of the F-16s throwing bombs. It was seen that some citizens read the Qur'an and some citizens brought monopoly and salvation in the suburbs whose lights were turned off in the images reflected on the cameras. Some of the Sincan residents who went to the suburbs with love of homeland and went to Kulliye, Ankara Police, Red Crescent and General Staff were martyred, while others reached the rank of veteran.
AK Party Sincan District President Fatih Omaç talked about what happened that night. Omaç “We gathered at Lale Square at the night of the treacherous coup attempt with the call of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan together with thousands of our citizens. Our citizens had to be dispatched to 5 main points from Sincan. The first of these was the Etimesgut Armored Troops, the second one was the Presidential Complex, the third was the Akıncı Base, the fourth was the General Staff building and the fifth was the Ankara Police Department. One of our biggest problems that night was how to get our citizens to these points. Because there were reports that the front of the Armored Troops on the Istanbul Road with the Çiftlik Junction and the Eskişehir Road were blocked. TCDD General Manager thinking exactly, "What will we do?" İsa Apaydın he called our president. ” Omaç “Railways were a great convenience for us. Because we could reach from the Yıldırım Station to the Armored Troops, from the Gazi Station to the Presidential Complex, from the Hippodrome Station to the Ankara Police Department, from the Ankara Station and Yenişehir Station to the Red Crescent Square and the General Staff building. It was so. About 6 thousand people moved to critical points that night with 1500 suburban train sets, each with a capacity of 6 people with 10 wagons. ”
Stating that TCDD wrote an epic on the night of July 15, Sincan Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna “Our General Manager of TCDD İsa Apaydın called me. He said that he had an operation and was in the hospital, but he was following the process, and if we requested, he could send suburban trains to Sincan. We said 'ok'. He called again and said, 'My president will run the suburbs from YHT tracks to Sincan'. Jesus brains are very pleased with this bold and rational stance. This phone, which came at the most critical time, supported the Xinjiang to protect its national will. Our General Manager of TCDD, which is effective in reaching the main points of our citizens in Sincan İsa ApaydınWe offer our gratitude to our citizens and democracy. ”



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