Southern Express Train commenced

South Express Train started: The 16-kilometer railroad operation in Batman ended after about a year. The Ankara-Kurtalan-Kurtalan-Ankara South Express Train, which was canceled due to the rail work, started its normal flights after the work was finished.
The South Express Train, which had to come to Kurtalan for about a year due to the road renewal works of the railways, was working between Diyarbakır and Ankara. Due to road works, a passenger train was working between Diyarbakır and Batman instead of 2 passenger trains.
Road renewal 31. 12. With the end of 2013 history, the South Express Train started its regular flights between Ankara-Kurtalan-Kurtalan-Ankara and 5 times a day. In addition, with the end of road works 2 times between Diyarbakir-Batman passenger train in the daytime began to run flights.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 18:00

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