Safety Warning for Tramway Works in Izmir

Safety Warning for Tramway Works in İzmir: TMMOB İzmir Provincial Coordination Board prepared a "Worker health and work safety report" regarding the ongoing tram works in the city. The report, which stated that sufficient occupational safety measures were not taken during the works, was given to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
In the report, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality KarşıyakaIt has been stated that adequate occupational safety measures are not taken in the tram constructions that it continues to construct in and on the Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, therefore, the life safety of both pedestrians and vehicles, as well as workers and technical personnel, and the risk of fatal or injury accidents is high. The report made the following determinations:
“Since warning safety precautions are insufficient for the level difference between asphalt pavement and embankment at intersections, there is a risk that vehicles may be damaged by entering the low-level embankment ground. Since there are no barriers and warning signs to prevent pedestrians from entering in the pavement manufacturing area, the citizens entering the construction site with scattered and uncovered manholes have a high risk of falling and injury. As the pavement production continues in front of the garden entrance doors of the apartment, the wooden passages placed on it are not strong, there is a risk of injury by falling pedestrians. There is no safe crossing opportunity like any traffic light or pedestrian crossing at the transition area of ​​the containers from the construction site settlement area to the manufacturing site in the middle median. Due to the high slopes of some key paved stone-covered pedestrian crossings connecting the beach walkway, the bicycle path and the asphalt road by passing over the tram rails, it does not allow our disabled and elderly people to walk. Although there are left-turn prohibition signs on some side streets connecting from Mithatpaşa Street to Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, erroneous left turns occur because no barrier is placed in the middle median to prevent the prohibited turn. At some bus stops, there is a danger of falling by the feet of our citizens due to the difference in elevation between the rails, road pavement and concrete pavement under the rail. "
The measures to be taken in order to reduce these risks in the prepared report are listed as follows:

  1. Safety measures should be increased by marking in accordance with the "Traffic Marking Standard in Construction Maintenance and Repairs of Roads" published by the General Directorate of Highways and decided to be implemented in UKOME.
  2. In order to prevent the pedestrians from crossing any point in an unsafe manner and to prevent unsafe turn of the vehicles from any point, the pedestrian barrier should be placed in a solid, smoothly anchored, non-tilted security panels with the exception of pedestrian crossings and intersections with traffic lights.
  3. The tramway production route should be prevented from entering the construction site by turning the manufacturing area with safety barriers between the vehicle road and the ongoing sidewalks.
  4. On the bicycle path, border backs to prevent damage to cyclists. construction materials should not be kept.
  5. Due to the deep excavation due to concrete poured under the tram rails, precautions should be taken for some palm trees that can result in loss of life and property as a result of overturning.
  6. In addition, some temporary bus stops waiting for the bus stop in the city, the vehicle is on the road at any moment is facing the danger of a vehicle collision. A temporary bus stop, which does not have the risk of falling, should be established in which persons with disabilities, the elderly and children can access easily and safely.
  7. As the pavements fall between the parking lots and the rails and there is a difference in the level which may cause injury, the pavements should be made to prevent falls.
  8. The vehicle park should be prevented in front of the pavement ramps and the disabled people should use the completed pavements and the walking lines for the visually impaired should not be left on the pavement.

  9. In pedestrian crossings, wooden crossings should be reinforced, corrupted and dimpled floors should be fixed and pedestrians should be safely crossed from traffic light spots.

  10. Since there is a narrow or narrow cave due to cateans (energy poles), relief curves should not be installed for the visually impaired.

  11. Forbidden U-turns at temporary junctions should be prevented by inspections and physical arrangements.

  12. In parts where there is no lighting, especially in Selçuk Yaşar Street, when it gets dark, both pedestrian and vehicle safety should be provided with portable lighting.

  13. Reflector warning should be installed on concrete blocks.

  14. Horizontal markings should be made with cold road marking paint to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians with temporary road lines during construction.

  15. The broken wooden pedestrian crossings should be reinforced.

  16. At the end of the work, materials must be collected and made clean and tidy.

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