Xmas X in Tramway 1 Dead

A tram accident 1 dead in Samsun: a person who was hit by a tram carrying a passenger in the city in Samsun died. Under the tram, the person who was dragged by meters died tremendously.
A person was killed in Samsun by a tram that carried out urban passenger transportation.
According to the information obtained, the accident occurred in the 20: 15 ranks in front of the Atatürk Bulvarı Governor's Office. An unidentified person, who passed the safety barrier at the point where the rails were located, was hit by a tram named Tekkeköy 14. In the catastrophic accident, the tragedy and the feet of the train were tragically killed. Because the body was unrecognizable, it could not be determined that there was a woman or a man.
After the accident, the scene of the rescue and medical teams were referred to the police. He took the crash site under the security cord. While the work is being initiated for the removal of the body, the investigation is continuing.

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