Change of marking of railways and level crossings

Change in marking of railways and level crossings: The standards for marking and construction of railways and level crossings and their protection systems have been changed.
The Regulation of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications on the Amendment of the Regulation on Measures to be Taken at Railway Level Crossings and Implementation Principles was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.
Accordingly, the railroad crossing, from the rail in both directions after the 5 meter distance, railroad crossing the road that cuts the approach of the road construction, maintenance, repair and operation of the necessary security measures to be taken from the institution connected to the highway or institution was made responsible.
The railway infrastructure operator was given responsibility in the construction, maintenance, repair, operation and necessary security measures of rail sections, barriers, machine signs, coatings and similar components on railway level crossings, railroad tracks on 5 meters in both directions.
Although the cruising torque is less than 30 bin, sub-or overpass will be made by the governorships at the existing level crossings located at the provincial or district centers, which can not be reached at the level crossing according to the land and railway conditions defined by the relevant articles.
3 meters of the approach roads of all level crossings will be converted into asphalt or paving stones by considering the criteria determined in the regulation at the railway level crossings of 30 to 150 thousand from the cruise torque. The railway will be divided into two sections on the highway crossing the 150 meter in yellow, 25 centimeters in height, stone materials, in the middle of the highway, in the middle of the highway, or in the New Jersey A type concrete car guard. The traffic signs used on the highway that cut the level crossing will be positioned in the direction of arrival and departure. In the city, on the highway crossing the railway level crossing, at least 150 meters long, yellow, 10 centimeters high 1,5 meter wide pedestrian walkway for pedestrians. In addition, reflectors will be placed on the right side of the GRP with the red edge on the right side and white on the left.
In some level crossings determined by the institutions and organizations responsible for the passage of the camera monitoring systems will be established. If there are electronic control systems used by law enforcement officers such as police or gendarmerie in these places, it will be necessary to connect this system to the electronic control systems of the police.
In the level crossings that are monitored and supervised, the necessary sanctions will be applied to the wrong users. Only the registered camera system will be installed in cases where it is difficult to connect with the electronic control systems used due to the technical infrastructure.
The existing railway level crossings, 5 will be made once in a year and will be adjusted by TCDD to be financed by the Ministry budget.
Measures to be taken in Railroad Level Crossings and Implementation Principles Published in the Official Gazette

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