Domestic Production Scissor Transport Wagon Passed All Tests

truss wagon epsilon ntd
truss wagon epsilon ntd

Domestic Production Scissor Carriage Passed All Tests: In 2015, the scissor transport wagon, which was designed as a prototype and was awarded the tender, is now on the tracks. The wagon featured in its design is quite functional. Thanks to this new wagon, the shears can be transported on the rails without being dismantled from the manufacturing place to the installation location.

The company that won the tender, which was awarded as 5 units, is Solentek company from Bursa. It received the tender, which is approximately 7 million TL, to 4.095.000 TL. The first wagons produced as 5 units were manufactured in the factory of Solentek company in Bursa and delivered to TCDD.

When the wagons produced in accordance with the approval of TSI are coupled as a set of 3, 75 meters long scissors can be carried in one go. The scissor, which has an assembly that can replace the scissors transported in an inclined manner, increases the assembly speed and prevents the rail deformation that may occur during transportation.

The new Scissor Carriage (MTV) has a weight of 40 tonnes and can carry scissors up to 40 tones.


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