Prime Minister of Keçiören Metro Test Drive

kecioren subway tayyib erdogan
kecioren subway tayyib erdogan

Prime Minister made the test drive of Keçiören Subway: Minister Arslan said, “Our test drive is the footsteps of the commissioning of Keçiören Subway. I hope we will finish it in a short time, we will offer to your services. ” Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said today that the test drive, the footsteps of the entry into service of the Keçiören Metro, "Hopefully finish as soon as possible, we will offer your services." He said.

Arslan, the start of the test drive of Kecioren Metro held and the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, attended the ceremony, said today is important for them. Arslan, şt Today, the auspicious hands began the construction of the test drive of the trains in Keçiören Metro Station with our Prime Minister will do. Ars he said.

Expressing that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Prime Minister Yıldırım never left themselves alone, Arslan said that everyone is working day and night to provide the subway in service. In the construction of the subway, Arslan explained that only the entrance of the stations appears from the outside. There is a range of construction sites. When it's over, we'il use it together and enjoy it. From here to the center of Ankara, Ataturk Cultural Center, Kizilay'a go out of the grind. Bulundu

Arslan, Keçiören Subway, mainly, their works anywhere in Turkey, in particular 15 in order to further accelerate Charged in July and the country on behalf faster to grow, stating that they fold their day and night, they did that give them the support and cooperation of the municipalities in this study he said.

Great projects, the President, the Prime Minister, the government and the region without the necessary support from lawmakers emphasized the quick work Arslan, said:

E I thank them all, I offer our numbers, in these projects, they give us every kind of support. The instruction they gave us, "we, the servant of the nation, we are in the service of the nation, as the servant of the nation, these projects, we have to finish a moment before, we have to serve them." We follow the instructions, we do business. Our test drive is the footsteps of the Keçiören Metro. Hopefully, we will finish and offer it to you. İn

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