Safi Holding to invest more than 350 million dollars in Derince port

Safi Holding will invest an additional US $ X million in Derince port: February 350 2015 million dollars.
There has been no work accident for a year
Port authorities indicating that the tender has been transferred on the condition of an additional investment with the decision of the Privatization High Council; Devral Derince Port has taken over the operation as a national wealth, 39 yearbook as Safi Derince International Port Management. However, with the additional investments, which are a compulsory condition, Derince Port 39 will be returned to our state at the end of the year. I General Manager Şeyda Gürev said that they have been approaching OHS with sensitivity since the time they took over the port. Imizi We gave importance to occupational health and trained all of our staff. 1 did not experience work accidents for years, X he said. Imports and exports of materials waiting for them to be a disadvantage for their own, said the derivative of the derivative; Ası Our only drawback is the lack of closed warehouses. We get a lot of demand. We are currently working with the cranes we rent from the outside ad.
Hakan Kavlakoğlu, Civil Engineer, stated that the port capacity is evaluated in the best way. ”Our process of transforming into a modern port continues,“ he said. Hakan Kavlakoğlu, who mentioned about the construction of a filler of square meter 420; N We plan to build large port cranes that can travel on the 8 railway and the 2 highway. For the first time, we will provide the services from the sea to the sea effectively for the first time. Denize
Will be the biggest in the region
Safiport Derince International Port, located in the north of Izmit Bay in the Marmara Region, serves all kinds of cargo types. With the investment to be made in accordance with the decision of the Privatization High Council, the facility will be the largest port serving the region. When the investments are completed, only the Turkish engineers and contractors will work during the construction period in Safiport Derince, where the number of 500 people will be 2 thousand 500. In the Safiport Derince, where the 90 of the current port employees live in the Kocaeli region, the contribution to the region in terms of employment is quite high and it is stated that this ratio will increase even more with the restructuring.
Safiport Derince port management, port with the targeted volume of Marmara region will become the logistics center and created business opportunities with Turkey's economy, especially the state that makes significant contributions to the automotive industry. Safiport Derince, rail, road and sea port to create a large portion of the investment for the purpose of the rail field. Safiport Derince, one of the rare ports with a railway terminal, demonstrates the importance it attaches to transportation as a iz railway port lim with an investment to be the first in our country in terms of advanced technology.

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