In Ankara, the people who damage the lift will be delivered to the police

Ankara will be delivered to the haramers who harmed the ropeway: Ankara, which will be held on the two new ropeway line, providing information about the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gokcek, Şentepe cable car line, told the damage to the ropeway cabins. Cabin gates were forced with levyelerin voicing the chairman Gökçek, said that the heated seats were broken. A new system will be applied to the microphone system will be changed by changing the camera system.

Mayor Gökçek mentioned the events in Şentepe cable car:
Eri Thousands of people are using 25 ropeway a day in Şentepe. There was a very positive response from Şentepe, and unfortunately, there were those who started to abuse. For example, there is a citizen in Şentepe, if you are going to the subway, go to Demetevler. A person who is curious about Ankara travels for an expedition but we are suffering a lot of trouble because of these abusers. At the moment, some complaints from the citizens began to come. We did this by saying that citizens can benefit, but sometimes we say that if we put a coin to prevent this work, even if we do cuzi?

I gave him a new instruction. We're changing all the cameras. The cameras will be microphone and those cameras will be constantly monitored inside the cabin. In any case, they will be warned by voice gereken We will secure the ones that should not be done. Bir

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:33

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