Action on Nostalgic Tram in Taksim

Action on the Nostalgic Tram in Taksim: A group of people getting on the Nostalgic Tram running between Tünel and Taksim Square from the Galatasaray high school station started to hang banners and shout slogans on the windows.

Hüseyin Ağa mosque in front of the police teams stopped the police in action for the group, many civilian and riot police were asked. The riot police from the scene, wrapped around the tram and the surrounding area. The action on the tram was terminated when the group was detained by the police. Detained activists were taken to the police bus and taken to safety. It was learned that the group, which was stated to have HDP, carried out the action to protest the events in Southeastern Anatolia.


On the other hand, another group consisting of all women activists before this action made another action on the Galata bridge for the same purpose. There was a discussion between the activists who closed the bridge and some drivers. The discussion escalated when an unidentified person tried to take the banner in the hands of the activists. The group that hanged the banner they moved over the bridge moved away from the scene.

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