Favorite ski resorts in the Balkans

Favorite ski resorts in the Balkans. We do not accept that Istanbulites came in winter without seeing the first wife in winter. No matter how cool the air is, we don't remove the fur and jackets. This year, winter seems to be harsh, but at least it will be late.


I realize the arrival of winter with Whitefest leaflets, the biggest youth festival in Uludağ, which I receive every year. Winter means snowball, fireplace, chestnut, but for those who are interested in winter sports, our mind goes directly to ski holidays with the first snowflake. The father of these snow holidays is Whitefest. And this year many of my close friends are performing at the festival. When I heard the performances of Murat Dalkılıç, Berkay concerts and DJ's David Şaboy and Emrah Göktaş, I said, "Okay destination, Uludağ." 3 different dates, Serdar Ortaç, Hande Yener, Bengü, Hakan Altun and many famous artists… I www.whitefest.co

Kaya Palazzo

Another favorite ski resort is Kartalkaya. But this is the most luxurious and new hotel of the mountain in the love of Kartalkaya Kaya Palazzo's contribution too. Although I've traveled the world with the best ski slopes in the world since my childhood, Palazzo is really a mountain palace. You don't even want to slip out of the hotel. One of the fun hours of the Drop Lounge on the runway is the enjoyment of the happy hour. For those who don't know how to glide, you can watch hot slips of hot chocolate on the terrace of Drop and watch the slides in the air.
Yes, there are many ski resort alternatives in our country, but transportation-accommodation-ski rent etc. is loaded at cost. This week I'll give you brief information about some important but unexplored ski resorts of the Balkan mountains where you can go on the same budget. Maybe winter holiday is an alternative to drawing your route.


BANSKO (Bulgaria): My favorite list is 2, which I spent last week in the ski resort. Mountain resort town of Bansko. 24Hours open casinos, restaurants and nightclubs with local specialties. Even the evening parties are organized. Runways, designed for professionals, and delicious meals in the cafes in the middle of the slopes are great for tired skiers.

KOPAONIK (Serbia): The largest ski resort in the country. Recently refurbished slopes and social facilities. One of the best features of this center is the ability to make night skiing. You also have the opportunity to ski frequently in sunny weather. The only bad feature is that you can get to the mountain from the airport in 4.5 hours.

JAHORINA (Bosnia and Herzegovina): The center built for the 1984 Winter Olympics showed great improvement over time. This is the largest ski resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina but there are fewer runway alternatives than other countries. Especially preferred by snowboarders. The advantage of this place is that the airport is only 30 minutes away.

PAMPOROVO (Bulgaria): One of the most popular ski resorts in the Balkans. The prices are very affordable so this is a place that the local people prefer a lot. I don't know why, but Turkish tourists are the most satisfied center. There are many affordable 5 star hotels. Nightlife is not very lively, but there are many restaurant alternatives where you can reach local specialties. The most beautiful property is the view. Historical ruins and pine trees are a visual feast.

POIANA BRASOV (Romania): I had gone several times during my childhood. Besides skiing, we were doing ice skating and riding activities. Ground-lighting runways are available for night skiing. And there are different designed slalom tracks for professional skiers.

KRANJSKA GORA (Slovenia): Generally a center of choice for families. Very convenient to start skiing. Runway available to all levels. The most important feature of the 50 is the world cup black track that tests slalom stars near the year. The distance from the airport is 1.5 hours.

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