Kharkiv Metro Train in Ukraine Renewed

📩 07/12/2018 16:34

Krakow Metro Trains Renewed in Ukraine: Renovation works of trains used in Kharkiv metro in Ukraine since 2004 continue. The first of the renewed trains was introduced at the Heroiv Pratsi station, located on the second line of the Kharkiv subway. The demonstration was held on Friday, August 21st.

Renovations Trains made by Kriukov Car Building Works (KVSZ) have an 5'er wagon. In addition to changing the internal and external structures of trains, some of the technical features were changed. The traction power of the trains was increased and braking system energy storage facilities were added. The changes made according to the KVSZ statement will reduce energy consumption by up to% 35.

Air conditioning system, information screens and fire detectors were installed on trains. In addition, air conditioning system was made in the car cabin.



  1. The title of the article was wrong. In Krakow, Poland. However, in the news content, Kharkiv is correct. I said whatever it would notice :)

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