Tramway works should not be done in Ramadan

📩 06/12/2018 17:56

Tramway works should not have been done in Ramadan: Due to the tramway works, the bus between the Campus-Technical High School and Technical High School-Culture Park was started to be carried out by bus.

Citizens reacted to the municipality saying that timing is wrong

22.06.2015 on campus-Technical High School tram, the Technical High School Alaaddin began to travel buses. Changes made due to the work of the tram road citizens should not be done in the month of Ramadan, reacted to the municipality said.

“We're betting”

Mehmet Karataş, expressing that the renovation work at the wrong time, zam road works started again in very otherwise. Last year we had the same thing on the roads we were in. This is not the work to be done in Ramadan. Expect to come buses that don't come. We're late for work in the morning. If they do this work earlier or after Ramadan, such victims would not be on the citizen roads and.


Citizens who do not want to transfer on the journey, “You will do such a work at Bari then do not transfer. People are running late in the morning when they get off. If the tram is canceled, the bus should be canceled. Why do they wear the citizen twice? Not an ordeal in Ramadan. We've been suffering the same ordeal for two years ”and criticized the municipality.

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