Will TCDD recruit staff

Will TCDD recruit personnel: TCDD announced in the first month of 2014 that it will recruit 1 workers. However, TCDD's personnel recruitment has entered its 772th month.

2014 of TCDD 1. 772 announced that it will receive workers.

Applications were received from İŞKUR and three times more candidates were spoken as of the beginning of February 2015. The interviews continued until June 6.

As of today, 20 days have passed through interviews and still no results have been announced.

On the one hand, since the KPSS preferences are taken, the candidates are undecided whether to make the KPSS preference. Because if these candidates with high scores make the KPSS preference, they will be settled and if it is announced that they have won TCDD later, the KPSS staff will be empty.

It is beneficial for TCDD to announce the results as soon as possible by considering thousands of candidates who have already applied to the limited number of staff in the 2015/1 KPSS preference guide.



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