Problems of Warehouse Operators in UTİKAD

The Problems of Warehouse Operators in UTİKAD were discussed: Problems in warehouse companies, their reflection on logistics sector and solution suggestions were discussed at the meeting held in UTİKAD, International Transport and Logistics Service Manufacturers Association.

In his speech at the meeting, UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin said, yap One of the most critical issues of the logistics sector on my agenda is the problems experienced in the warehouses. Uz We are experiencing increasing problems in our logistics operations, especially in our costs, or he said.

The Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers UTİKAD continues to seek solutions to the problems of Antrepo Operators, who have experienced troubled times following the amendments made in 2 on December 2014.

In the meeting on sorun warehouse çözüm held at the association building under the management of UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, the problems were shared, the solution proposals were evaluated and the steps to be taken were decided. UTİKAD Vice Chairman Nil Tunaşar, UTİKAD Board Member Ahmet Dilik, General Manager Cavit Uğur and many warehouse operators in the European side attended the meeting.

Turgut Erkeskin, President of UTIKAD, who emphasized the structure, activities and activities of the association at the opening of the meeting, said that the difficulties experienced by one of the actors in the logistics sector, which includes many integrated structures, also affected the other players closely. 2 Erkeskin stated that the regulations made for the warehousing sector in December directly affect the logistics sector and indirectly the exporting companies.

Tır Within the scope of the Customs Regulations, applications such as increasing the collateral amounts, introducing new camera systems to the warehouses, not allowing the full containers to be brought to the customs areas by the temporary storage places without scaffolding connection and limiting the Authorized Customs Brokerage system have increased the logistics costs considerably. The limited time allowed for the transition process has left all warehouse operators in a difficult position. The difficulties experienced in this area are reflected to all the stakeholders of the logistics chain from exporters to freighters. Bu

Immediately after the publication of the regulation, the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Customs and Trade and the changes will be caused by the problems that attracted attention Erkeskin, neden Unfortunately, however, according to our predicament troubles began to emerge. In this process, we began to experience increasing problems in our logistics operations and our costs increased. The important point here is to reorganize and implement the amendments made in order to increase the audits without causing any harm to the foreign trade and without making any negative impacts on the efforts of our country to become a logistics base Bur.

Erkeskin Invites Warehouse Operators to UTİKAD

UTIKAD President Erkeskin, UTİKAD'ın this problem and solution proposals on all platforms, emphasizing that this meeting, held in Istanbul on the Asian side of the warehouse will be organized separately for enterprises said. Erkeskin stated that it was important for the warehouse operators to participate in the activities within the association in order to ensure that the work already in progress was important and invited all the warehouse management companies to the non-governmental organization UTİKAD, the logistics sector.

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