Metro Konya will also affect university preferences

Metro Konya will also affect university choices: The advantage of the metro to be built in Konya in terms of ease of transportation and time saving will bring the city, where approximately 5 thousand students study at 116 universities, to the front row in the race of university preference - Residing at one end of the city and studying at Necmettin Erbakan University at the other end Students will be able to reach their schools in about 1,5 hours by subway in 37 minutes - NEÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Sugar: - "many cities in Turkey, in the race for the preference of college students. In this race, Konya will take a few steps ahead with the subway "

Konya, which is on its way to becoming a “university city” with 116 universities where approximately 5 thousand students receive education, will now be able to reach their schools with a shorter and more comfortable journey with the metro, the first phase of which will be completed in 2018.

The Konya metro, which Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu gave the good news and started its works, is planned to carry 75 thousand passengers a day.

When "Metro Konya" becomes operational, it will connect the high-speed train stations, the bus station and the new stadium, as well as universities and hospitals, which are of great importance for the city.

Selcuk University (SU), Necmettin Erbakan University (NEU), KTO Karatay University, prepared for the opening of the University of Mevlana University and Konya Food and Agriculture University, which will form a transportation network, time-saving and comfort in terms of comfort will provide students.

Students living in the neighborhood of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is located at one end of the city and which is almost a "student district", and study at NEU and KTO Karatay University at the other end, will now be able to reach their schools in 1,5 minutes by subway in approximately 37 hours.

Konya metro, which will relax the city traffic and connect the high-speed train lines, will carry the city a few steps ahead of the university preference race.

  • Students' transportation problem will be solved

Rector of Selçuk University, where approximately one thousand students were educated. Dr. Hakki Gokbel, AA correspondent, said the transportation is one of the most important issues on the agenda of Konya.

Expressing that they are pleased with the subway gospel from Prime Minister Davutoğlu himself regarding the solution of this issue, Gökbel stated that this situation will solve the transportation problem of students in Konya, the city of universities.

Advanced many countries the population of 1 million, exceeding the city's striking subway used for public transportation Gökbel, "in its Turkey also shown by the example of Konya is an indication that access to very advanced level of development of our country. When Konya Metro project is completed, it will move Konya forward in university preferences. We welcome the project both for the people of Konya, the visitors to our city and our students ”.

Rector of NEU Dr. Muzaffer Şeker stated that the metron is an indicator of development in itself.

Konya, such as a historical city to meet with the metro, will reduce the traffic problem in the coming years, indicating that Sugar, this study, the university with the 5 university students and faculty emphasized that the advantage would be an advantage.

  • "5 universities will be connected to each other"

On the basis of the project carried out by the Ministry of Sugar, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the importance of connecting the important centers such as universities and hospitals were mentioned, and continued as follows:

“The fact that hospitals and universities will be connected to each other by subway will create a synergy between universities and hospitals. Many cities in Turkey, in the race for the preference of college students. In this race, Konya will take a few steps ahead with the subway. The directives of our Prime Minister on this matter were important. With the project, 5 universities will be connected to each other. The increase in the number of cities with metro, as an indicator of the development of our country, is also an important process. On this occasion, Konya will gain a serious momentum in being preferred by students. "

  • "Konya will enter the age with this project"

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek pointed out that the students had difficulties in accessing the university campuses.

Explaining that NEU students staying in the dormitories of the SU campus and around Bosnia and Herzegovina can reach their schools after a long journey, Akyürek said, “There is no direct line from SU to NEU. It was happening in transit. With Metro Konya, more comfortable and fast transportation will be provided. Universities, high-speed train stations, bus terminal, stadiums and hospitals will be connected with Metro Konya. Konya will have jumped with this project ”.



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