Gebze Metro prepares preliminary feasibility study

📩 29/11/2018 20:25

Gebze Metro prepares a preliminary feasibility study: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality prepares a preliminary feasibility study of the light rail line along the Gebze-Darıca-Çayırova axis, which is known as the Gebze sector.

Pre-feasibility study of the light rail system (LRT-Metro) line in the north-south direction on the Gebze-Çayırova-Darıca axis, where the important actors of the industrial sector are located, is carried out by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Rail Systems Branch Directorate. The works are carried out under the prediction of Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan. In this context, a pre-feasibility study tender will be held on Thursday, July 2. Gebze sector, together with Çayırova, Gebze and Darıca districts, constitutes an important industrial area of ​​the city. Along with the OIZ areas in the north of Gebze and new industrial areas in the zoning plans, residential areas are also planned in the north.

The Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan, whose preparations have been completed and shared with the public, envisions the creation of a rail system line in the north-south direction of Gebze district. After the work is completed, it will be submitted to the approval of the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments. It is aimed to provide a strong connection between the OIZ areas and Gebze and Darica district centers, two large research hospitals and Marmaray with the light rail system line, whose feasibility studies are ongoing. With the completion of approximately 19 kilometers of LRT-Metro pre-feasibility studies determined in the north-south direction of the Gebze sector, the travel demand forecasts, route analyzes, determination of station locations and financial-economic evaluation will be prepared.

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