Bakırköylüler's Marmaray Çilesi (Photo Gallery)

Bakırköylüler's Marmaray Çilesi: The train stations and railway tracks that have been closed for more than 2 years have not been messed up because of Marmaray works.
Gebze-Halkalı In the Marmaray Project, which includes the establishment of an uninterrupted rail system, only the passage part of the Bosphorus, that is, between Üsküdar and Yenikapı, was put into service in October 2013. Gebze and other parts of the project HalkalıThe sections up to '' are not yet completed. In these sections, existing suburban lines will be improved and converted into subway. Sirkeci- due to these transformation studies Halkalı and the suburban line between Gebze and Söğütlüçeşme was closed 2 years ago.

Especially Bakırköy -Halkalı no work be done and in place while often experienced disruptions in the Marmaray project in Turkey's agenda, Bakırköylü also troubled because of the weakness of the security in filth and experienced in the railway station.

Hundreds of people looking for our newspaper Bakırköylü citizens, "What will it be the state of Marmaray?" They are voicing their reactions. Volkan Işık, who lives in Sakızağacı neighborhood, said: de We have not seen a proper study since the station was closed. They closed the entrances, but it's like ruin. Bad smells are spreading in the dirt, every side in the mud. Moreover, this empty station is risky in terms of security. This dark, empty station and railroad track in the middle of the settlement create uneasiness. What is the state of this station? Ne

Ce The station is closed and it is just standing. No work yet. The building is like ruin. The area around the railroad is empty and spooky. We are afraid that unidentified people will know about this vulnerability and settle here. Ne

The citizens of Bakırköy also stated that the overpass, which connects Hatboyu Street and Genç Caddesi and Filiz Street and the pedestrians, which are frequently used by pedestrians, is deplorable, and that people are even afraid to go through this overpass, lar We fear even when using this overpass. Stairs of the overpass are broken, iron is rusted. We have also petitioned Bakırköy Municipality and Metropolitan Municipality. However, since both municipalities are not in their area of ​​duty, they cannot repair and repair the overpass, and the maintenance and repair of the overpass should be done by state railways. So where are the state railways? Why don't they listen to the citizen's complaints. Train stations, railways and overpasses have been abandoned. If there is a disaster in this overpass, who will be responsible. Who will pay for it. Our request is to take the solution by taking into account the complaints of those responsible. İst

Günceleme: 06/12/2018 18:01

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  1. In every country, including those advanced in the technique, it is a case where openings that do not comply with the planning for political reasons can be made. BUT there is nowhere like us, and the kind of feathered on top ığ The deaf sultan also heard that the MARMARAY system was opened timeless for political reasons. Engineers in the Marmarada night, day, weekend, the end of the work, the brush is turning. Find an acquaintance from the inside who doesn't believe, see how his eyes will open like a fortune-telling. We are grateful for what has been done, but our duty is not to poke the back here as usual. It is inevitable that we all ask ourselves the answer to this question, and it is inevitable: LA WE HAVE OUR PARAMISED LA WHICH WE DO WITH HIS MONEY, WHAT ARE THE WORKS THERE? WHY WE DO NOT ASK THE ACCOUNT? WE DON'T ASK, ALIEN FROM THE MERİEM, THEY WILL ASK OUR NAME?