Meeting with NGOs on TCDD restructuring

TCDD was held with NGOs meeting on the restructuring: Turkey for the implementation of the Law on Liberalization of Railway Transport, the commission established regarding the TCDD restructuring, information and dialogue meetings with all non-governmental organizations TCDD activities were carried out.

In the first part of the meeting held under the chairmanship of Adem Kayış, the Deputy General Manager;

  • Strategic Transformation of Railway Sector,
  • Reconstructed TCDD
  • Establishment Process of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş.
  • Allocation Criteria of Real Estate
  • Vehicle Transfer and Personnel Transition Criteria,
  • Network Notification-Allocation Fees
    Presentations were made by giving information about such issues.

In the second part of the meeting, which was held as a question and answer, Şerafettin DENİZ; It is seen that the determined targets are in no way suitable for our country and the railway conditions. When we look at Europe, it is seen that only Germany is successful. In other countries, it is well known that success has not been achieved.

In addition, the main problem of TCDD liberalization is the status of employees. He also stated that how to evaluate the personnel who are employed in the closed workplaces and how to transfer the personnel.

TCDD Assistant General Manager Adem KAYIŞ; Employees who serve the Creation by spending great effort in the night and day will not be victimized in this process, he said.

No need to worry about the staff, TCDD Transportation Inc. staff before the transition to the distribution of personnel underlining the beginning of the willing, Kayış, in case of over-willingness or excess, in the light of criteria to be determined in the light of the distribution will be stressed. Kayış said, kon A separate Commission was established to determine these criteria. When the Commission completes its work, it will be shared with NGOs.

The final decision will be made after that. I want all of our staff to know; no one will change in this process. The title and fee will not fall. The modernization of our railways is important as well as the satisfaction of our staff is important for us. Modern

Yaşar YAZICI asked questions about the functioning structure of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways. For example; Public or Private infrastructure operators are specified. In this case, the question of whether the current lines of TCDD will be transferred will not be handled by the commission in any way, but the new lines will be the infrastructure operators can be private or public.


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