Filyos Municipality Launches Signature Campaign for Underpass or Underpass to Railway Line

Filyos Municipality Launches Signature Campaign for Underpass or Underpass to Railway Line
In the Filyos District of Çaycuma district of Zonguldak, under the renovation of the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak railway line, the upper or lower passage to the appropriate places in the station location by the Municipality.

Within the scope of the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak railway line renovation works in Filyos Town of Çaycuma district of Zonguldak, the signature campaign was initiated by the Municipality to construct an underpass or overpass to suitable locations in the station location.

Mayor Ömer Ünal, who came together with 6 neighborhood muhtar, municipal council members and non-governmental organizations in the town hall of Filyos, started a petition for the upper or lower passage planned to be made to the appropriate places of the train station in Filyos Town. They attended the meeting held in the city hall, which included the headmen of Kocaali, Sefercik, Hisarönü Merkez, Öteyüz, Abacık, Geriş Mahalle and city council members and Alpay Özkan, the President of the Chamber of Craftsmen. As a result of the decisions taken at the meeting, Mayor Ömer Ünal scored the first signature for the upper or lower passage to be made to the station. President Unal stated that as a municipality, they have applied to the European Union. Ünal said, “Railway works are ongoing. As a result of the railway works, the extension of the train station in Filyos is in question. Wagon lengths will increase, which means our people are crossing the street. Therefore, we applied to the European Union. The European Union delegation told us; The Municipality and Civil Society Organizations said that we write a paper. We are launching this signature campaign together with our headmen, civil society organizations and municipal councilors. We expect our people to participate in this signature campaign. It is our only wish to increase the number of signatures to be made in every neighborhood. If we can do this service to our country, we will make a great service for our citizens after us. We aim to have this project done by the Railway within the European Union. I'm the first sign on this. After our muhtars and city council members throw it after me, our goal is to get signatures from every person in Filyos and increase it. Deputy Mayor Selami Köktürk said, “The Zonguldak-Ankara Train line passes through Filyos. While passing through here, Filyos divides our town into two parts. Therefore, this line is in the form of a 5 train, and it is not possible for our citizens to cross over either side. Even if it is harder, it is a danger. In order to connect these two sides, lower or overpass must be made. Our citizens have a great demand. Because this is not necessary to be inside. In particular, State Railways authorities need to place great emphasis on this issue. Filyos is an intense demand, demand and need of our people. ” Kocaali Headman İrfan Acar also made a meeting at the Municipality upon the invitation of Mayor Ünal and stated that they attended with the neighborhood headmen for his signature campaign. Acar said, “We went to the municipality upon the invitation of our Mayor Ömer Ünal for the construction of the overpass. On the occasion of our Mayor Ömer Ünal, we decided to build an overpass to our station with 6 muhtar friends, city council members and non-governmental organizations. We started a signature campaign. "May Filyos be auspicious and auspicious to our town." Sefa Köktürk, a citizen, said, “This is a very necessary thing. People who want to pass through this overpass are risky for the health of the people. That's what matters. ” Sedat Receive from the resident in Cumayanı District, ”This overpass must be made here. Our children in the neighborhood of Cumayani Zübeyde Hanım Primary school to go to the school every day to go by the path to the train and mother to come again to go home. To make the children more comfortable, an overpass is a must. If there is no overpass, death can happen here at any time. ”

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