Siemens and Alstom crisis in the tender tender

📩 30/11/2018 18:09

Siemens and Alstom crisis in the YHT set procurement tender: TCDD held a high-speed train tender on 29 May 2014. While Siemens determined a price of 339 million 872 thousand 201 Euros, Alstom's proposal was 262 million 116 thousand Euros. While Alstom was excluded from the tender for reporting missing documents during the tender process, Siemens won the tender, which remained unrivaled

German Siemens and Italian Alstom companies submitted bids for the tender held for 10 high-speed train sets and their maintenance for 3 years. Alstom company applied to the Public Procurement Authority (KIK) for the cancellation of the tender after it was excluded from the tender and gathered its objections under 6 headings. He clarified the issue of incomplete documents, which caused him to be eliminated for the first time. He stated that Alstom is a group company and that the documents of his company in France were used in the documents requested for the tender. However, the JCC did not accept this objection because the company in France was not listed on the sub-contractor list. Another objection of the Italian company was on energy consumption. He claimed that they reported 250 kW / hour energy consumption for the high-speed train that will travel at a speed of 12,548 km per hour, and Siemens reported an energy consumption of 300 kW / hour for 12,036 km per hour, which is technologically unlikely. The JCC did not accept this objection.

High cost
Alstom stated that Siemens' bid of 339 million Euros is above the approximate price of 320 million Euros explained by TCDD. On the other hand, in its examination, the JCC determined that this situation occurred on a Euro basis, but when the price was evaluated in TL terms, it increased to 974 million TL, which was below the estimated cost of 992 million TL. The JCC made the following statements in its assessment: "In cases where it is possible to increase the allowance, the proposal can be accepted, taking into account the public benefit and service requirements, with the responsibility of the administration."
Competition did not occur

In his appeal, Alstom claimed that the competitive environment needed was not created. He stated that, on his wish, 9 companies received tender files, only they and Siemens offered the tender, and that they were unfairly eliminated due to lack of documents. On the other hand, the JCC replied to this objection, "The presence of a single valid bid in the tender does not mean that competition did not occur on its own" and rejected it again. While KIK rejected the points that Alstom opposed, it eliminated the tender from a very different issue. In the report prepared by the JCC, it was determined that Siemens gave incomplete certification. In the proposal file submitted by Siemens, it was determined by the JCC that the ISO 14000 Environmental Management Certificate required for the device named 'internal - external door', 'vacuum toilet' and 'pathograph' was not submitted to TCDD. Siemens rejected its proposal on the grounds that it did not deliver the certificates in the tender specifications, and upon the loss of validity of Siemens' proposal, it canceled the tender on the grounds that there was no valid proposal in the tender.

57 bribed a million euros?
SIEMENS one of the fastest company in Turkey, while the public tender (about 13 billion euro took the job) also came up with the name of the bribery scandal. In a lawsuit in Germany, Siemens executives admitted to bribing bureaucrats in order to gain an advantage in tenders in their countries of operation. Siemens executives expressed about that one minister in this context Turkey also distribute 57 million euro bribe money in the area, adding that they were in the court clerk's history. Bribery scandal in many countries, including Greece said when opening the investigation, taking into account this statement, while the investigation was deemed necessary in Turkey.

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