Transport Officer-Sen President Cankesen "TCDD is ours all"

Transport Officer-Sen President Can Cankesen made a statement on the official website of the union regarding the train accident that occurred near the Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, where 24 people died and 318 people were injured.

President Cankesen's statement is as follows;
08 A serious train wreck took place in Tekirdağ / Çorlu-Sarılar on the evening of July 2018. Twenty-four citizens / brothers / lives were killed after the accident. Mayor's mercy for those who lost their lives in the accident, patience for the painful families, and the wishes of those who wish emergency healing.

As Transport Officer You,

As soon as we received the news of the accident, we moved to the scene with our friends.

We arrived at the scene around the 02.30 at night.

The entrance of the accident was prohibited by military and security officials.

We have reached the position of the accident by passing the mud and dirt road where the vehicles could not go by notifying the railway and civil society identity.

As soon as we arrive at the scene of the accident, our first hit is;

The locomotive in the train series and the five wagons, the second and the sixth wagons, were overturned.

As an emergency after the accident;

All the authorities of our state were mobilized, all the authorities were together with the General Managers and all the relevant units of the UDHB, TCDD, all health, security and rescue units.

Our government intervened in this hand with all its strength and was running a search / rescue work in a relentless race so that we could save one more brother by competing over time…

When we arrived at the scene of the accident, a wagon rescue / lifting operation was carried out with the help of the cranes, eight of our dearers were removed from the bottom of the wagon.

It was impossible to describe the sorrows of those who lived there at that moment.

In the morning until the 06.00 work continued uninterrupted.

However, the search and rescue teams ended their work when we were sure that there was no one of our dead and injured citizens.

If we look at the location of the accident on the basis of NGOs,

Transport Officer-Sen as the first and only those who go;

When we asked how this accident happened;

There is a heavy rainfall in the region between 15.30 and 16.00 in a very short period of time,

There is a precipitation in excess of the normal 32 kg.

This rainfall only in the Çorlu / Sarılar location after the rain in the place where the accident was damaged by the culvert,

Subsequent discharge of the rails on the road and the bottom of the sleepers are all conditions for the formation of the boiler,

During the passage of the train, we learned from the authorities that the accident occurred.

Another detail that attracts attention in the morning light is where the plants and fields in the sunflower / Günebakan fields are located within a meter of water.

These images and the natural disaster that occurred there were painted by the authorized units and the necessary images were taken.

After seeing these images and the grill, we left with the wish that such natural disasters would not happen again and no brother would be harmed.


While the incident is still new and our sorrows are fresh, the so-called railway sages, including written and visual, have started to comment ruthlessly without any time after the event.

Many of our brothers who died in the accident and injured by the pain of the pain is still fresh when the accident, such as the old saying, "A Cinlik, a Hinlik" is also needed to leave it to your appreciation.

At my discretion there is no concept of making a premium over suffering.

Before and after the accident all the authorities and all levels of our state are in charge.

What is the occurrence of the accident without interrupting our state, is there a situation such as negligence, intent? He appointed six prosecutors and started the research and investigation process…

If the offender (s) or negligent are present, the requirement will be made already,

As of now,

In my opinion, there is no need to exterminate itself or the office it represents, and to destroy individuals and institutions by extra-judicial executions.

In times of such pain, we need unity and solidarity, not ”evil thoughts and demonization Bö.

Let's not forget!

All the institutions of our state are ours. ”TCDD is one of these institutions.“

And this TCDD is necessary to both us and our country after this day.


Since TCDD will be needed for our country and nation after this day,

Every criticism we make and the fact that we are more conscientious in every sentence we will establish,

The bread we eat from this institution and the reputation it offers to us is FARZ ...

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