Old Istanbul Road in Izmit, Request for a Double Road (Photo Gallery)

Demand for OLD Istanbul Road to Double Road in Izmit: There was a great weekend at D-100 Highway between Gebze and Körfez Districts of TEM Highway due to repair works of viaducts in Ankara direction. Drivers who knew the alternative road flocked to Old Istanbul Road. Village residents sitting on the road route said that the Old Istanbul road is suitable for double road construction, and if this is done, TEM and D-100 traffic will be greatly relieved.
Following a fatal traffic accident that occurred yesterday afternoon at the Dilovası District pass, the residents of the district closed the D-100 Highway for approximately 1 hour of transportation. While the mayor and political party representatives hardly convinced the public to open the road to transportation, many citizens turned to the Old Istanbul road from Dilovası District.
The former headman of Sevindikli Village, İbrahim Gürkan, who said that only Izmit and Adapazarı and the Old Istanbul Road known to those living in this region pass through the North of the Gulf, said that only those living in this region used it:
“Those who know not only when there is repair and maintenance, but also during periods of long feasts, from Istanbul to Anatolia, are using this road. It brings movement to this region. Our citizens coming from the Istanbul region also know our region. In fact, this road is suitable for stretching into a double road. If this is done, TEM and D-100 will be comfortable. ”

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 12:36

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