Allison FuelSense offers performance

Allison FuelSense delivers performance: With detailed analysis of each area of ​​application, Allison engineers presented options that could save up to 20 percent fuel by making the latest fuel-saving technologies easily integrable…
The ALLISON transmission was the first European introduction to the FuelSense® product, which includes the most fuel-efficient technology packages in Istanbul. Featuring fuel-saving options up to 20, the package offers rich content. Allison continued the European promotion of FuelSense, the world's leading water and waste management fair, which was held in Munich between 5-9 May. FuelSense, Allison's advanced 5. The generation is characterized by a comprehensive package of fuel-saving strategies that maximizes the advantages of intelligent controls and innovative fully automatic transmission structure.
Manlio Alvaro, Marketing Manager for Allison Transmission Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA); "Turkey as well as all over the world every day is showing high growth in demand for safe and comfortable public transport already showcased models. For this reason, Allison has chosen Istanbul as one of the fastest growing cities in the world, as it is a trade center and a crossing point for the introduction of the newest fuel-saving packages in Europe. Allison fully automatic transmissions have proven to be perfectly complementary to natural gas engines while providing high efficiency. The FuelSense package has sacrificed performance, giving you a fuel-saving reduction in fuel consumption. Fuel




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