TCDD-Adif Training Cooperation

TCDD-Adif Training Cooperation: Spanish Railways Infrastructure Manager (ADIF) International Relations Department International Projects Director Juan Ignacio Campo Jori and TCDD officials held a series of meetings between 3-5 December 2013.
Head of Department of Foreign Relations İbrahim Halil Çevik was chaired by the Department of Road Administration, Education and Training Department, Railway Construction Department, APK Office, Facilities Department, Department of Traffic, YHT Regional Directorate, Directorate of Central Security Management System and Protection and Security. Representatives from the Directorate attended.
3 in Spain by the Spanish company COMSA during its meeting in December, made a presentation on the activities of the world and in Turkey.
4 paid a courtesy visit to Ismet Duman, Deputy Director General of Economy and Commerce of Spain Victor Audera Lopez and Campo Jori on December. Auderer Spain and expressed satisfaction with the good relations between Turkey and stated that reflected in the two rail networks, bringing thanked Ismet Duman. Jori said that the current cooperation in the field of education between TCDD and ADIF continues in an excellent manner, and so far 165 has received training from ADIF. Marmaray also presented his congratulations on the opening.
Deputy Director General Duman stated that he was in a sense of brotherhood coming from history with Spanish people and thanked them for his visit to our Corporation. Turkey's OHL in the transition to high-speed train operations, Dimetronic, CAF stated that the important contribution of Spanish companies such as Thales smoke, Izmir is still daily 250.000 transport of passengers performed suburban transport used in 99 vagonluk 33 sets produced by the CAF, he said.
Duman emphasized that the importance of the safety management system is important.
During the negotiations between TCDD and ADIF, cooperation on the training of trainers to ensure the dissemination of the trainings received from ADIF within our organization was discussed. Furthermore, through the TCDD, 3. cooperation on the provision of training to the countries' railway administrations was also discussed.
In addition to the ongoing cooperation issues in the field of education between the TCDD and the ADIF, the training programs that may be required by TCDD in the coming years and which can be realized by ADIF were discussed.

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