Russian State Companies Cut Down Their Budgets Railways Pull Out Labor

📩 25/11/2018 19:03

Russian State Companies cut down their budgets Railways will take out workers: Russian state companies experiencing stagnation due to the global economic crisis began to cut expenses.
Russian state companies living in recession due to the global economic crisis began to cut expenses. Russian Railways RZD President Vladimir Yakunin, the staff of the 27 staff began to work half-time, he said. Russia's giant companies Gazprom, Transneft and Rossetti also reduce costs.
Referring to the significant recession in cargo transport due to economic recession, Yakunin said, miktar As a result, we need less labor. As the CEO of the company to prevent the formation of open duty olarak Şirket he said.
Pointing out that they discussed trade unions and trade unions, Yakunin said that they do not want to create a huge army of unemployed people and that they are trying to find an acceptable way through 2008 experience. According to Yakunin, rather than being unemployed, half a daily work is more advantageous.
Yakunin said, lam We will not force our employees to work for half a week. However, we will encourage 27 of the personnel working in cargo and security. This will be in line with the 2014 economic forecasts. Ekonomik
85 employs around 1 million people on Russian railways, which have the world's third largest rail network with a thousand kilometers. RZD is the second in the world in cargo transportation between railways and third in the world in passenger transportation. RZD is the biggest company with the contribution of 1,7 to the gross national product.
Russian President Vladimir Putin said last month that state-run companies, RZD, Gazprom, Transneft and Rossetti's 2017 up to 10 to reduce operational expenses around 10 annually. The Russian Ministry of Economy has also instructed companies to make 10 cuts by XNUMX until December.
Transneft, who has been assessing Vedomosti regarding the reduction of costs, said that 10 has shrunk by 10 in the last two years, while the additional XNUMX cuts are impossible. According to the official, the company's investments or business development program will have to be reduced in order to implement this.
Sergey Belyakov, Deputy Minister of Economy of Russia, said that some state companies should be ready to reduce the 10 expenses by next year.


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