Overflows in Şirinevler

Overflows in Şirinevler
An expansion study was initiated in Şirinevler to eliminate the intensity of the pedestrian overpass used by the metro and metrobus passengers.
An expansion study was initiated in Şirinevler to eliminate the density of the pedestrian overpass used by metro and Metrobus passengers. As a result of the study, the ladder section of the overpass will be 8 meters wide.

In the morning and evening in Şirinevler, due to the human traffic in the pedestrian overpass which is intensively used by the metro and Metrobus passengers, it was determined that the bridge narrowed and 4 meters narrowed at the point where the bridge meets the stairs. Within the scope of the works initiated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the shops under the overpass were demolished and the work was started to expand the point where the upper passage meets the stairs. With the work done, the width of the staircase, which is about 4 meters, will be increased from both sides to a total of 8 meters. 1 is expected to last a week after the work is expected to end human density. Citizens who have suffered from this situation for years, the intensity of the study will decrease, he said. Especially during work hours and weekends, a citizen who says that there is intensity in the upper passage, said, ığ This study will make people comfortable. Özellikle


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