Out of Control Cars Hit the Metrobus Overpass

Out of Control Cars Hit the Metrobus Overpass
In Bakirkoy, the car, which was out of control due to excessive speed and carelessness, hit the BRT pedestrian crossing. Three people were injured when one passed through the passage.
According to information obtained, the accident, E-5 highway occurred in the Incirli Mevkii. 34 CUM 48 license plate under the direction of Mehmet Habbal rainy weather due to rainy weather out of control on the pavement before going out, then hit the metrobus overpass. In the meantime, three people were injured in the overpass to ride the metrobus. A serious person from the wounded were taken to Bakırköy Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital and the other two were treated at the scene.
Police launched an investigation into the accident.

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