Ankara Metro Agains Crisis

Ankara Metro Agains Crisis
The discussion about the tender that will produce wagons for the Ankara subway never ends. The court decision regarding the Chinese CSR Electric Locomotive Company, which undertakes the job after many complaints and appeals, may raise the cancellation of the tender. Cancellation of wagons to be purchased for Ankara metro is on the agenda…

After the tender, it was claimed that the Chinese company did not even provide documents on the safety of wagons to the tender commission. Y Auxiliar De Ferrocarriles SA, based in Spain, participated in the tender.

Not safe

Upon determination that the company did not provide documents related to the safety of wagons, the relevant companies carried the matter to the judiciary. The Ankara Regional Administrative Court, which found the objections right, took a 'decision to stop execution' regarding the tender won by the Chinese CSR Electric firm and asked the Public Procurement Board to 'do its requirement'. After the court's decision, the Public Procurement Board, which has taken the decision to continue the tender in a controversial manner, is expected to cancel the tender from the "Legal obligation".

3 firm has been bidding

In the tender for 324 metro vehicles, one of the most important pillars of Ankara Metro, 3 companies submitted bids, and the Chinese wagon tender won the CSR Electric Locomotive. The bid of the Chinese company in the tender was $ 391 million.

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