Demirel: We are ready for railway liberalization and we expect the law

Demirel: We are ready for railway liberalization and we expect the law
Karabük Iron and Steel Works (KARDEMİR) A.Ş. General Manager Fadıl Demirel says that they are nearing the end of the investments in the 3 million tons target and the end of the tunnel is seen.
KARDEMİR A.Ş. General Manager Fadıl Demirel, said in a statement to the UAV correspondent, said the investment has begun to come to an end slowly, ine 1.5 power plant after the month comes into play. The coke factory is in the middle of the year. We have a single blast furnace and it will be activated in a year. Our other investments come in and work. Our filen production continues between 1.8 and 2 million tons. Our factory will be seated on 3 million tons when all investments are finished. We will put our investments into operation quickly and we are nearing the end. The tip of the tunnel was now visible. T

As KARDEMİR, Demirel explained that the state railways are ready for some kind of liberalization and privatization. Evi We currently manufacture our 11 wagon. Currently, a number of project work is over. Their legal leave is over. The actual production is in progress. We will improve this. Suddenly attack can not be done in this sector. We will also manufacture the train caster from the back of the wagon production. We are in the bidding process and after determining the company, 18 will be realized after the month. We have a very heavy load. Transports from Anatolia and transports from abroad and 3 million tons of exports, all of which will be by rail. Therefore, we are one of the institutions that will be most affected by that work, that is to benefit from the DDY. We are prepared for this and we will make arrangements in our company when the law comes out Buna

Demirel evaluated the news and articles about the works in KARDEMİR that were given to the companies of Karadeniz Ereğlili in the last laughs and said arı It is an event which is caused by not knowing the operation of KARDEMİR. KARDEMİR does not give tender to anybody, it is just making a tender. He is not receiving the goods without a contract. The companies that we have found in our repertoire and who have found enough are doing the tender for the companies that can do these works and can do critical works according to the characteristics of the work and the firms that are seen in the line of their own rules take the tender, we do not give. They have many parameters such as how they get quality, price and duration of work and labor. He results in auctions within the framework of the criteria. In addition, most companies in our auction in Turkey now, we are in an unused procurement procedures because rather 95 percent. Pratis net we make auctions through the computer program. Companies over the 3 thousand are participating in the tender with a certain technique. It is very fair, registered and transparent. We are a Inc. and we are not subject to the tender law. We can also do business with someone, but we do not do it. We do all the work and procurement by procurement management. This is about the contracting works at the factory. We look at the list together with the 48 contractor firm 8 only from Black Sea Eregli. We now have 69 contractors in the factory and we are extracting from which cities the 21 company is. As it is said here, Ereğlili, Karabüklü, Ankara, separated from Istanbullu, categorized structure is not possible. It is outdated in this approach. We choose the companies that will do the job, no matter where in the world, with other criteria. This isn't about being with or having a local. KARDEMİR A.Ş. the most economical and the most qualified to take the cheapest way. We will make this choice according to us. If such companies exist in Karadeniz Ereğli, of course there is also an iron steel there. There is an iron steel with more capacity. It is natural that the companies that do business in the iron and steel sector develop around iron and steel. Of course, they can be so ambitious. But it's not because we've chosen, or because we're paying attention. In this era, these heads cannot manage the world company KARDEMİR, if we categorize it as here. It doesn't matter to me. I don't even know where the firm is from. I just removed the lists because they're spoken. So they don't interest us at all. They are interested in those who make campaigns. Here, the contractor staff is working around 2 bin 200. We don't even look at where they are from. We only examine the state of education of these staff, the security situation and other health related situations. If the company has taken a job here and the work of the most healthy and most profitable will select the elements themselves. Kardemir Karabük scale as they are not, not even at the scale of Turkey, such arguments lay a firm's business on a global scale and that event to look like this, it is wrong to look at seriously. We're not looking at it, and we're doing our jobs accordingly.

General Manager Fadıl Demirel stated that KARDEMİR's efforts in the direction of Filyos Port, which is important in terms of its rapid progress towards becoming a world company and its growth in the target of 3 million tons, continued.

“We are always ready. When legal permits were granted, we completed our preparations, both financially and technically, to perform that work. We're going to set out the legal permits we expect and make the port when it comes out. On the other hand, we are also very good at rail production. Our daily record number is one thousand 640 tons. Therefore, our rolling mill 450 has a capacity of one thousand tons and is currently making all the rails including fast train rails. The yields have come to a much better point. We will soon be producing heat treated rails in less than a year. The construction continues. We're all as we meet the needs of Turkey's exports. This topic has become an ordinary topic. Bu

. We are all a laborer and employee. I congratulate all the workers and all the workers of the country and the 1 May Day of the world workers. God willing, in a mature and feast way, lah he said.

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