Kayseri Rail System Construction Fever

Kayseri Rail System Construction Fever
2 of the rail system project. In the İldem route which forms the stage, infrastructure construction works and rail laying works are progressing rapidly. 5 pieces of transformer building, 3 water tank, 1 team building and construction of the intersections on the railway system route are planned to be completed within 2 months.


3 of the project. In the part of the University-Talas route covering the stage of the Kiosk Quarter to the University, the infrastructure construction and rail laying works were completed to a large extent.

According to the plan, rail laying operations in Erciyes University will be completed in a short time such as 1 month.

Making a statement about the rail demand work within the university, Erciyes University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Yetim; “The rail system is one of the means of transportation needed by today's society. Our university currently has around 45 thousand students and nearly 5 thousand staff. Considering that the university campus is an area where 50 thousand people are constantly transported, the transition of the rail system from the university is an appropriate decision. When the work is done, I think to use the rail system. I am sure many people will think like I do, ”he said.

Within the scope of these studies, personnel around 200 work day and night with a shift system.

Kayseri 2. and 3. It is aimed to start test drives on December 2013 in Phase Rail System Construction.

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