30st Railway Conference to be Held on October 31-1 to Bring the Sector Together

📩 25/11/2018 14:20

TOBB Turkey Transportation and Logistics Assembly convened in Istanbul. 30-31, the members of the parliament who are addressing the issues on the agenda of the sector, will be held in Ankara on October 2012 ele 1. He also evaluated the Railway Conference.
Preparations for the conference, many participants and will take place outside speakers from Turkey and abroad are being carried out with the support of Transport Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry. Conference on patterns of use in the combined transport goods by rail and freight transport in Turkey and benefits, railway infrastructure and applications, is expected to discuss the current issues and new railway line projects.
Drawing attention to the advantages it carries Railway should cost as well as due to the environmentally friendly Turkey Transportation and Logistics Assembly members, the Railway Law Draft in a period is planned to be put into effect, they stated that they are pleased to lead such an organization.
-Meclis report renewed every two years
Transport and Logistics sector of place in Turkey's economy, SWOT analysis, incentives for the sector, new trends, assessing the harmonization process with the EU and the sector's structural problems set forth in the report evaluates industry representatives, the report every two years a renewal and logistics that are an integral part of the maritime and aviation with such industry decided to be in close cooperation.
Expectations from -2013
On the other hand, the members of the Assembly who planned the first of the coordination meetings of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, which was held in 21 on December 2012, made the distribution of duties.
In some sub-sectors, problems, solutions and xnumx't that the work of their expectations will be completed by the end of October, Turkey Transportation and Logistics Assembly members, after the establishment of the report, Transport plans to meet with Communications Marine and senior officials of the Ministry.
During the meeting, members of the Assembly who received information on the Eurasian and Eastern Mediterranean Research Platform (EMIT) expressed that they are ready to contribute to this formation which will bring the sector to a scientific structure and bring the logistics sector and universities together.

Source : http://www.tobb.org.tr

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