Armenia's longest and tallest railway bridge repaired

"Southern Caucasus Railways" (DDD) repaired the Zamarlu Bridge, the longest and the highest railway bridge in Armenia. At the ceremony, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan, CEO of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin and Russian Ambassador to Armenia Vyacheslav Kovalenko were present at the ceremony.

In 2006, the repair work on the bridge began with the 1 million drama allocated from the budget, but was stopped later.

Yakunin hizmet Such structures serve the property of the country and the people. Our joint efforts can be a good example for the mutual cooperation of Armenia and Russia in all socio-economic areas. Ortak

Yakinin 2008 in the year after the acquisition of the contract of the Armenian Railways in the DDH about 6 billion Rublelik said that investment. 2012 to invest in the development of railway infrastructure GKD 1.1 billion Ruble will invest. He also expressed his gratitude to the Armenian president Sarkisyan and envoy Kovalenko for their support.

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