MUSIAD Started Works for Aksaray Logistics Center

High Speed ​​​​Train Projects are Nearing the End in Stages
High Speed ​​​​Train Projects are Nearing the End in Stages

📩 25/02/2023 21:42

Aksaray Branch MUSIAD Chairman and Deputy Chairman Abdulkadir Karim Assisted Karatay, Konya organized by MUSIAD "Turkey's Vision Logistics 2023" participating in the panel received information about the studies.

In order to establish a Logistics Center in Aksaray, members of the Board of Directors of MÜSİAD Aksaray Branch, who have been conducting researches and studies, stated that they gathered information by participating in the activities that will analyze the logistics sector as related infrastructure studies. MUSIAD Aksaray Branch Chairman Kerim Yardisli said that the logistics sector, which is among the sectors of the future, is very important for being the trade center of Aksaray. Ticaret

President Kerim Assisted, gelecek In the trade where industrialists and businessmen live intensively in competition, it is very important for the future that the logistics sector establishes its infrastructure under the conditions required by the age and brings Aksaray to an advantageous position in order for the final products produced to reach the consumer quickly, easily and economically. The logistics sector should not only be thought of as transportation and distribution, marketing and so on. we need to evaluate all processes as a professionally managed process and make investment plans. tüm

Konya organized by MUSIAD "Turkey's Logistics 2023 Vision" participated as a speaker in the panel TCDD Ways Vice President Veys Kurt TCDD Logistics Department İbrahim Çelik, Selcuk University Accident Research Center Director Prof. Dr. Osman Nuri Çelik and Konya MUSIAD Deputy Chairman and Logistics Committee Chairman. Lütfi Şimşek took part.

Konya MUSIAD Vice President and Logistics Committee Chairman Dr. Lütfi Şimşek stated that they are in a study which can serve to Konya, Karaman, Aksaray, Niğde and other provinces about Konya and Karaman, and they have taken place for the establishment of a Logistics Center by TCDD in a total area of ​​1.000.000 m2. he said. In Konya, the project was owned by civil society organizations and local administrators. Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu, including his political will to support all kinds of studies, said it accelerated the work.

TCDD Deputy General Manager Veysi Kurt said that the Ministry gave great importance to the railroads and the works continued at a great pace. Turkey is to take place in the center of the world and international trade routes, located at the crossroads of the great advantages we have more work to it and said they want to make our country the world's Logistics Center. Veysel Kurt, Deputy General Manager of TCDD, said that with the latest studies, they made 135 km rail daily and that they have increased the railroads, which almost completely invested between 1951-2001, in the last 10 year.

Giving information about the work done in the high-speed train line TCDD Deputy General Manager Veysi Kurt, Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevsehir-Kayseri provinces to make a plan to address the region, but this project is not in 2023 2035 year is planned, he said.

Aksaray MÜSİAD President Kerim Assisted; ”They said that they benefited from the panel quite well and obtained healthy information from the authorities about the investments in railways, and we have to plan our investments for the development of Aksaray by speeding up our work without being late as Aksaray.“ Our province is a very important strategic position as Turkey's Logistics Center Logistics Center can be made with accurate and timely planning into action with local and national elements. MUSIAD President Kerim Yardimli, "Politicians, bureaucracy and civil society organizations with the" Logistics Center Platform "should start by creating the work." He said.

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