88 annual Yahşihan Train Station is under protection

88 railway station in Yahşihan District has been taken under protection.

Eastern Turkey Ankara, which connects the main railway line built in 1924 on Yahşihan Station, served until today. The historical station building was taken under protection as a result of the attempts of the Yahşihan District Governorship. The station building and the warehouses and structures belonging to the station were also registered as immovable cultural assets.

Ahmet Ferhat Özen, the District Governor of Yahşihan, said that they protect the historical buildings of the district and that the railway station is also taken under protection after the 2nd Abdulhamid era iron bridge.

Stating that they aim to protect the ancient artifacts and structures with their original textures, Özen said, "We aim to protect these historical buildings with their historical texture, to maintain them with landscaping and to offer them to the service of the citizens."

District Governor Özen stated that they made a request for the arrangement of the station building and that the station, which was registered as an immovable cultural property by the Natural and Cultural Heritage Preservation Board, was inspected. Özen said, “The station will be restored by preserving its old original structure. In order to always remember and preserve the historical textures, the historical station here is Yahşihan and Kırıkkale. kazanWe wanted to climb,” he said.

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