Metropolitan Municipality in Eskisehir 'construction of tramway road from the region' grounds, the construction of the fountain was stopped

Eskisehir's oldest mosque in the Seljuk mosque built by a philanthropist Alaeddin Mosque garden, the CHP Metropolitan Municipality and mosque congregation faced. With the permission of Odunpazarı District Municipality and the Directorate of Foundations, and until that time, the construction of the fountain spent on 45 thousand TL was stopped on the grounds that the Metropolitan Municipality will pass the tram route from the area. After the request of the congregation and the mosque administration 'Pass the tramway a little further away from the mosque' 45 decided to break down the fountain spent on thousand TL. Citizens, the new tram route to pass through the different side of the mosque, although the refinement of the fountain reacted to the passing. Yaşar Fidan, who is the founder of the fountain, reacted to the demolition decision of the municipality. We want this to stay here. If the 45 bin goes well in 50 bin go, I will stop the fountain here. G
1267 in the period of the Anatolian Seljuk State III. Alaeddin Mosque, built during the time of Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev, is one of the historical mosques in Eskişehir. Eskişehir Odunpazarı district in the name of the park in the name of the mosque in the past years, the arrangement of the mosque in front of the fountains and toilets were taken underground. But Yaşar Fidan (73), who saw the difficulties of old people getting ablution, decided to build a fountain in the mosque's garden. After working for two years from the District Municipality of Odunpazarı where the mosque is located, Fidan managed to obtain permission and Fidan started the construction of the fountain after the municipality showed itself. Fidan, who said that he had brought his marbles out of the city in order to be appropriate for the structure of the mosque, and that he spent a thousand TL for the fountain. Later, the rough construction of the Metropolitan Municipality teams near the end of the mosque came for measurement. Metropolitan Municipality's second stage tram extension project within the framework of the teams engaged in the measurement, the tramway pass through the place where the fountain and the fountain, so the fountain should be demolished, he said. In addition to the fountain, the authorities decided to demolish the underwater toilet and the ornamental pool built by the Odunpazarı Municipality.
Fidan, who did not know what to do after the decision, had to stop the construction of the fountain. Fidan, who wants to tell the authorities about his grievance, could not get a positive response from his destinations. Fidan, who is the oldest mosque in Eskişehir, said that the funerals of the city's leading tradesmen were removed from this mosque. Esn Now if the tram passes here, our funerals will not rise. Metropolitan Municipality has prevented us with an unknown reason. Büyük
Ertugrul Kocaoglu (75) stating that the elderly could not use the place of ablution in the mosque under the ground, he drew attention to the fact that they started all the permits from the municipality and started construction of the fountain. . We applied to Odunpazarı, we received your order. 'Do it,' he gave us information in writing. Ş saying Kocaoğlu, mosque association and Yaşar Fidan began construction of the fountain with, he said. Kocaoğlu said, ğin The passing of the tram through the mosque will cause all the labor to be lost and the beauty of the mosque will be destroyed. Therefore, we want the authorities to find a solution. Bul

Source: Cihan News Agency

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