Izmit is waiting for a tram fight

Is the tramway fight in Izmit: Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Dogan, the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli to explain the lies of the Metropolitan Municipality should give an urgent answer.
The construction of the tram project, which was started with the idea that the city of İzmit would ease transportation, is now 149 days left. While the work continues at full speed in many regions or when we think so, the Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Dogan made a very interesting statement. Responding to a question about the issue at the Municipal Assembly meeting, Doğan said, 'the project of the tram project Büyükşehir is a project we support. We are experiencing a troubled process. The fact that the contractor doesn't act very carefully upset us and our people. There is an incredible follow-up, but despite all these problems. Surgery is being done at a time when life flows. I also know that our tradesmen are troubled. Especially the work of our shopkeepers in Yenişehir and Mehmet Ali Pasha is difficult, but the operation will end, we will forget our pain in the future. A delay is certain u
Metropolitan Mayor Zekeriya Özak said in a statement to be able to correct the words of Doğan, için February is expected to end at 2017 The infrastructure in the infrastructure system is also being renewed. Most of the surgery was completed. The first tram is complete. Trams to be introduced in Germany in September. Work continues with a busy pace. We are making every effort to keep from the calendar. Biz
Now you have to decide something.
First of all, how accurate is Nevzat Doğan to say something about the tram?
Tram project A project of Metropolitan Municipality, has nothing to do with the Municipality of Izmit. Only in the border region of Izmit, Dogan's relatives work in the construction of a tram. Nevzat Dogan, although he has nothing to do with this, can come up with a statement like ıp the tram will be delayed Bun.
If Nevzat Dogan is capable of saying about the tram, if he accepts it in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, why is the Deputy Mayor Zekeriya Özak in the same meeting had to make some explanations in order to correct Dogan? The Metropolitan Municipality has to make a statement without any delay.
Tram construction will be delayed? Is it going to be a reasonable time, or is it going to stretch? Why is this delay caused? Is the contractor firmly as said? Does the Metropolitan Municipality have a monetary problem?
And finally, Nevzat Dogan has the authority to explain these issues?
The officials of the Metropolitan Municipality are wondering about the citizens Bel



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