Nostalgic Secret of the Tram in Bursa

With the closure of Cumhuriyet Street to the traffic and the laying of tram tracks, some questions appeared in Bursa: mes This is where the tramway came from. And it's called nostalgic. In Bursa, there was a tram and when was it nostalgic? N such questions began to be discussed among the public.
Mayor Recep Altepe held a press conference in the historic Pirinç Han yesterday morning. He explained the works about the removal of historical monuments in Bursa. He talked about the environmental regulation and the traffic closure of the street in Cumhuriyet Street and the developments regarding the street's transformation in both economic and socio-cultural areas.
Then he answered the criticism about the Nostalgic Tram line between the Cumhuriyet Street and İncirli and the name given to the tram. First of all, we gave information about tram projects and contracts started in 107 years ago.
Muş In 1904, Hacı Kamil Efendi Zade Arif Bey has applied for the establishment and operation of electric tram instead of the horse tram in Bursa. When this did not happen, the right to establish and operate electric trams has been transferred to the municipality by Payitaht. 17 In February 1905, the Municipality received the request of the Municipality of Süleyman for the establishment and operation of the tram with the reference of his son Mehmed Ali Ağa Payitaht. According to the specification within two years after the establishment of the establishment of the building is required to start the construction of the desired conditions can not be fulfilled 20 September 1909 Aşkudereli Mehmed Ali Aga 'rights back to the municipality has transferred. As a result of the repeated tender, a contract was signed on 12 July 1913 with Oropedi Mauri Matis Efendi, the company headquarters in Istanbul. But, despite all these agreements, tram investments in Bursa cannot be carried out. Ama
This is the development of the tram in Bursa. In other words, the Nostalgic Tram name is not attached to the tram on Cumhuriyet Caddesi. The work is based on developments and works dating back to a century.
Altepe, new regulations and new tram lines in the studies related to the determination of these projects told.
We had known some of these studies. But, when we learned about the projects related to the resolution of the works and agreements in such a large environment and in the city center of Bursa with the help of the tram, we were kept ready.
Mayor Altepe, nostalgic information about the projects and agreements, explaining the location of the Nostalgic Tram in Cumhuriyet Street, where it came from, where the rail system transportation plans in the present day could be appropriate for the urban transportation system in Bursa.
Even the transportation to Uludağ is considered by Bursa center in the project of Tram. Also, the Mudanya Train line is thought of as integrated with the tramway. This line has happened. Between Zafer and Mudanya, the 7 stand-alone trem system has served to Bursa until 1951. In those years the weekend luxury of the Bursa people was introduced as a train going to Mudanya to take a picnic and swim in the sea. Altepe, according to the narration, to sell the tiles of this house for the Mudanya train to find the money of the families of the scholars of Bursa said.
President Altepe, the starting point of the train to Mudanya, the Metropolitan Municipality of the construction of the building now began the construction of the Zafer neighborhood, the same building next to the city hall announced that the same.
After the 107 year, new projects and new routes are being made to solve the problem of transportation by Bursa's trains and trams.
At that time, this system was considered and studies were initiated. But, because of the wars in the 1900s, the Atlı tram project has been shelved. The construction of the Merinos UEODAŞ building for the Electric Tramway and the use of this electricity in the illumination of the city has prevented the establishment of the tram system, although the electricity system and its production were realized.
Change is always difficult and difficult. Mayor Recep Altepe, the history of the changes made on Cumhuriyet Street and Nostalgic Tram's Bursa-related history, and more clearly understood the comments and spoken today.
President Altepe summed up the issue as follows:
“We wore a shirt of fire. It is really hard to explain the innovations to the people who have provided the same service in the same region for years. However, we have to realize these services for Bursa to be a brand city, to revive the Grand Bazaar and its surroundings, and to be a city of history, culture and tourism. Ama

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