Minibus transfer ends in Istanbul!

Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said, Top We would like to make sure that minibus shopkeepers will continue to serve the city transportation by including them in the system and buses without being victimized. İstanbul
Topbas answered the questions of journalists after the visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. A journalist, Istanbul on the question of the removal of minibus lines Topbas, Istanbul's population has found 14 million, and in this city, some systems of transportation systems in the past have to move to different dimensions, he said. Topbaş, re Especially the minibus shopkeepers gave much service to this city. Over time, their functions are decreasing. We would like to continue to serve the city transportation by adding them to the system by bus without having to victimize the minibus shopkeepers. We want to put them in some lines that we do in the Havaray study. Ğ

Modernization process
Topbaş, said: kent In the modernization process of the city, it is necessary to have large public transportation instead of small vehicles. In doing so, we do not consider one-sided, destroying one side. In particular, we will include them in places where we work in the Havaray. One of them is from Şişhane to Kasımpaşa, a line up to Çağlayan. In order not to sacrifice the minibus trades there, we have to work in the system. Atasehir also have to work to avoid the shopkeepers of the minibus. Ehir
Mayor Topbaş also said the following about the 'special strip' application planned to be implemented in Istanbul:

'Special ribbon' application
Uz We are trying to make an arrangement in order to encourage the public transport in order to ensure the flow of traffic in places where traffic is dense in places where Istanbul has many major arteries. It is an issue that we have been working on for a few years. We'il fix it with the cameras. A system to allow vehicles with 3 passengers to pass through scanned roads allocated to buses. A system that will encourage the transportation of more passengers in the vehicle. In the first place, Fevzipaşa Street, on the opposite side will be on the minibus street. Ap

'Beylikdüzü line at the end of February'
With the delay of the opening date of the line of Beylikdüzü metrobus Topbas apologizing to those who were living in that area, ged 29 October target during the laying. Now we come to 2012, aiming to finish in late February. I could not fulfill our promise to say I'm sorry for that, Sö he said.

Source: Istanbul AA

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