Black Sea and Baltic Sea Unite with Viking Train

Black Sea and Baltic Sea Combines with Viking Train: The "Viking Train", named after the Vikings living in the Scandinavian region and traveling in the Baltic Sea, is a combined transport project that connects the sea ports of Klaipeda, Odessa and Ilicevsky between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.

Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine are the participating countries in the project, and the train is operated by Lithuanian Railways (LG), Ukraine Nationalized Transport Company (LISKI) and Terttrans (Belarusian National Transport Co.).

With the tedir Viking Train X, transportation of 20 and 40 foot stands, refrigerated containers, railroad wagons, trailers, trucks and semi-trailers can be carried out.


Railroads: Ilichevski-Odessa-Usatova-Koyovsk-Zhemerinka-Kazatin-Berdichev-Korosten-Berexhest / Slovechno-Kalinkocichy-Zhlobino-Osipovichy-Kaliadchy-Molodechno-Gudaj

Total length of the line: 1734 km

Lithuania (Draugyste-Kena 434 km),

Belarus (Gudoj-Slovechno 544 km)

Ukraine (Berezhest-Ilicevski 756 km)

Handling time: 53-59 hours


The train, which connects the Ilievsky port near Odessa, Ukraine to the Klaipeda port in Lithuania's Baltic Sea, was called the "Viking Train" in September 2002. The first expedition took place in February 2003. The train, which was operated once a week at the beginning, added three additional flights due to the excess demand.


Lithuania-Belarus-Ukraine operated on the route Viking Train, Ukraine-ilicevsk on / providing links with the employees ferry Derince line Derince / cargoes from the port of Samsun on Turkey by transferring the Turkish wagons Mediterranean, Europe, it aims to set the Middle East and Central Asia connection.

It is aimed to connect Europe via the TRACECA corridor to Asia, the Caucasus and the Middle East.


The cargo will be provided to European countries in a short time as the EU allows Lithuanian member to cross the border in 30 minutes and facilitates visa procedures.

Source: TCDD

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